Friday 12 August 2011

Viven Imperial IPA (8%)

Now, I'm an IPA lover.
I love IPA.
Talk about wearing your beery heart on your beery sleeve.
I'd been keeping this beer in my secret stash for a while - Looking at it and wondering, "shall I have it this evening or shall I keep it for another time?"
I had a feeling it would be good you see, a feeling that I was going to pour this little 330ml bottle into a glass, take a sip, and wish I'd got a whole case.

I was right too.
Viven Imperial IPA is a supercharged, tamarind heavy slap in the chops.
The malting is clever and subtle providing a background of toffee - Like the big lad at the back of every gang.
In front of him stands the angry, wirey thug.
In this case that thug is all orange rind and peppery all-spice that gives you a hefty dose of floral hops and leaves your mouth puckered with bitter happiness.

More over here.

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