Sunday 14 August 2011

Getting Fruity!

I have noticed that as I have got older my palate keeps changing when it comes to beer and over the past 18 months I have really enjoyed citrus beers whether flavoured with fruit or using the citra hop, a recent US variety combining the likes of Hallertau Mittelfreuh, E.K. Goldings and other varieties.

Grapefruit beer is my favourite at the moment and I have been in love with such beer after trying the St Peters Grapefruit Beer many moons ago at their excellent Jerusalem Tavern in London. Luckily the landlord at my local (more on that soon!) shares the same passion and he has plenty of brews matching the aforementioned description the past couple of months alone.

My favourites to date come from the Lincolnshire brewer Oldershaw which is based in Grantham. After drinking their beers you soon forget the town is best known for that grocer's daughter!

Heavenly Blonde is an excellent refreshing beer for the humid weather we have been having of late and despite being 3.8% abv packs in plenty of floral flavour combining both grapefruit and the citra hop. It's bigger sister is Blonde Volupta which packs in a far weightier punch at 5% abv. It's very fruity and you soon forget it's strength such is it's light, grassy flavour.

Whilst I am waiting for the middle sister, Regal Blonde, to show the local has had a few more of Oldershaws beers on and they too have been impressive. These have ranged from the Harrowby Pale Ale (3.9 abv) which is ideal for a session to the Grantham Dark, a nice mellow but rich at the same time mild at 3.6%.

Linky > Oldershaw Brewery

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