Monday 22 August 2011

Thornbridge Versa (5%)

As summertime didn't bother to show up I find myself with more than a couple of beers sat solemnly in the fridge waiting for their moment in the sunshine. Thornbridge Versa is no exception to this rule, and by rule I obviously mean drink it when you please, but I love a cold weisse beer after a hard days work.  This 5% abv weisse is every bit the classic and is a new beer in the impressive Thornbridge range.

Bavarian yeast strain with Tettnanger hops
& Bavarian wheat, pale, cara and crystal malts.

The bottle tells you all you need to know, and while not everyone would agree, I for one like it when the brewer helps you out with a few tasting notes.  It's not always easy to pick out the hints and hits of flavour that they intend for you to enjoy - go ahead connoisseurs and seasoned beer geeks, roll your eyes if you will, but if we are all honest here, it's not always possible to describe every beer we try. Also and rather importantly, Thornbridge have recently started selling their beers through Waitrose and surely its a good thing to help the punters choose their beer, as they would their wine?  When I am selecting an unfamiliar bottle of beer or wine, I often want to know what I'm in for, especially if there isn't a beer sommelier on hand to see you right. Well, in this case even my cardboard palate enjoyed the banana, clove spiciness and pleasant bubblegum after-taste.  It poured a hazy orange colour and the abv was spot on which made it easy to drink and very refreshing. Weisse beer may not be everyone's tipple of choice but if you see this on tap or while doing your weekly shopping, then I'd say try this at least once and then make your mind up.

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  1. Totally agree with you on provision of tasting notes. If it's good enough for wine, why not for beer? Also it's useful to know what sort of thing you're letting yourself in for. I will have more to say about this when I get round to writing a piece on the Hog's Back Brewery Shop.