Monday 8 August 2011

Traquair Jacobite Ale (8%)

Another new one on me and this really is a little bit special.

I knew I had to try a bottle when I saw the design of the label - There's a real beauty in the simplicity of something that can look exactly right for the product it's depicting (sorry, it's my Graphic Designer ways coming out).

According to the brewery's website it was "Brewed to celebrate the anniversary of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion [and] proved to be so popular it has become a permanent addition to the range."

I can see what it was so popular, on opening and pouring there is a lovely chocolatey christmas pudding aroma.
Taking an initial sip you get seriously strong dark rum, then plums & spices (lots of spices), before hints of lemon which leads into a delicious dry finish.

What a wonderful way to finish the evening.
This is a superb beer that needs to be tried if you get a chance.

Visit the brewery here.

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  1. I opened a bottle of this a few months back and was so impressed by it. I was moved to tweet my fellow beer geeks and tell them it was my favourite beer of the year. There's still plenty of time to drink and discover more before the years out!