Saturday 27 August 2011

Odell Brewing Co. IPA (7%)

So, my first taste of an Odell beer.
As a friend pointed out last night Odell's branding and artwork are superb - beautifully designed labels and bottle caps that make you want to pick up the bottles and investigate.

So what about the beer?
Well, this is a really complicated India Pale Ale.
On opening and pouring you are given a zippy sherbet pop hit before the rich yankee malts (sorry, but that's the only way to describe that flavour that many American IPAs share) fill your mouth.
Hidden away in there is orange rind, thick oozing caramel and toasted brown bread.
Yes you read right, toasted brown bread.
Just before the incredibly long dry bitter finish you get really resinous hints of maple syrup
Our American friends are very good at India Pale Ales aren't they?
This is super duper.

See for yourself.

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