Wednesday 3 August 2011

Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA (7.1%)

Today is IPA day so last night to celebrate the eve of this momentous day I had a few bottles.
Best by far was this one.
Flying Dog isn't the easiest beer to find here in the UK. For a while Tesco stocked a little but since then it's just specialist ships at specialist prices.
It's definitely worth the extra pennies though.

Snake Dog is a quite brilliant American IPA.
It has an orange rind zing, sweet sherbet notes and a thoroughly mouth watering resinous woody malt backbone.
Then there's the hops.
This beer appears to have been hopped forever.
The finish is loooooooong and dry and bitter and...and...well, the best.

Wrapped in a label drawn by the immaculately mental Ralph Steadman, this is a beer I wish I could have in my fridge every day.

We have an interview coming soon with Flying Dog's Brewmaster Matt Brophy - I can't wait to talk to him.

For more info go here.

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