Sunday 21 August 2011

Hardknott Infra Red (6.5%)

Hoppy as a bucketful of frogs!
I've been aware of Hardknott for about six months, roughly the time I have been exploring the world of beer. Sure, I'm new to this game but I'm also susceptible to influence and I was told that I should be drinking Hardknott beer, so I have.  "Hardly a ringing endorsement!" I hear you say, but in fact it's quite the opposite.  If you're being advised by those 'in the know', that is to say; people who have absorbed enough malt and hops to be in danger of  spontaneous fermentation, then you can be confident that they will know a thing or two about beer.
To date I have tried Hardknott's Queboid (Belgian Style Double IPA), Dark Energy (Stout) and Granite (Barley Wine), [check out Beersay for some notes on these], as well as some Æther Blæc in the cupboard, but for some reason I had bypassed the Infra IPA!  Now, I like an IPA but this one is out of the ordinary, it pours a deep ruby red, far from pale, but hey black IPA is all the rage so what's the problem here? none!  So, if the colour is an issue to you, then close your eyes and you are smelling and tasting an IPA, with berry fruits aplenty.  It's malty mouth-feel is down to the crystal malt and the Cascade and Centennial hops deliver the satisfying bitterness you would expect from the style.  This may not be the strongest of Hardknotts beers, but it's just as loud as the brewer!  In short, this is a really good beer.

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