Sunday 24 July 2011

Places to go #1: The Wrekin Tap, Wellington, Telford

My favourite pub in the world.
Handily it's situated about 100 yards from my folks' house so I'm able to stagger over on my regular visits.
Situated in Wellington, Telford, The Wrekin Tap has won CAMRA's Shropshire pub award for several years running.
And with good reason.
The pub is split into two rooms, a large comfortable lounge with a small bar and a small (nee tiny) low-ceilinged and properly old fashioned smoking room with a long bar.
The pub has eight taps with only one constant beer - Hobson's Choice is a locally brewed bitter and is definitely worth a try.
The rest of the taps host guest ales from around the midlands.
There is always one stout or porter and one cider alongside the ales.
The staff are warm and friendly and most importantly, they know the beers they serve and are happy to offer a taster if you're unsure what to choose and to discuss the merits of each beer on offer.
One of my favourite things about this pub is that there is no TV or jukebox just the background hum of other drinkers conversations.
If you're in the area pay a visit, you'll love it:

The Wrekin Tap AT The Cock Hotel

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