Saturday 30 July 2011

Hopshackle Resination (7%)

Hopshackle Brewery of Lincolnshire are new to me.
I found a whole range of their beers recently and was intrigued.
It took me a while to choose which would be the first of their beers to try, but in the end, being an IPA lover I went for Resination.
It's a massively hopped Imperial IPA and as such may not be to everyones taste.
The first mouth full hits hard - Deep, stinging, crisp and bitter floral hops take your breath away.
Then just as you wonder if you'll ever get your palate back there's a wonderful creamy biscuit malt that puts everything in your face back in balance.
I really didn't want this beer to end and savoured every mouthful.
I'm really looking forward to trying some more.
Hopshackle, you have a new fan.

Visit them here for more.

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